Reflections on Women’s Ordination PDF Book.

For nearly 150 years, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s position regarding women’s ordination as pastors has been one consistently based on the unmistakable guidance of Scripture. Today, that position is in jeopardy as a recent movement by various conferences and unions within the church seeks to disregard this biblical pattern, potentially creating a theological crisis that threatens to divide and cripple the Adventist movement. If you’re concerned or are just curious about this issue, Pastor Bohr would like to encourage you to sign the petition.  Please take these steps:

  1. Get Informed! Visit the website to learn about the issue.
  2. Get Active! Sign the petition to world church, conference, and union leaders calling for unity in the church.
  3. Get the word out! Share this email with every Adventist you know!


Also available is Pastor Bohr’s new book Reflections on Women’s Ordination, and additional books  and DVD series on this same subject Click images to enlarge.


Click here to hear our vespers program on the topic of Women’s Ordination, or click here to purchase a copy of this presentation.  Participants of this panel discussion are: Pastor Stephen Bohr, Pastor Wellesley Muir, Pastor Gary Jensen, Pastor Justin Torossian, and Mrs. Pam Madala, NP, MSN.

Ladies Share Your Testimony and Encourage Other Women:

Do you have a personal testimony about your experience with being asked to be an ordained Elder, when God clearly showed you this is not Biblical?  We are interested in receiving such testimonies. Please direct them to  Only your First name (or you can remain anonymous) and State or Country will be shared to encourage other women around the world.

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