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Praise the Lord! As of 10-09-2016 we have reached our $100,000 dollar-for-dollar match – and we have already received the matching $100,000.00 funds.

We still need to raise an additional $10,000.00 for unforeseen expenses with our expansion project. As of 04/10/2017 we only need to raise $7,019.20. As you can see in the pictures, the concrete foundation has been poured, the frame is in place, insulation and walls are being installed this week.

Secrets Unsealed is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry.

Everyone at Secrets Unsealed has a passion for reaching people with God’s final message to planet earth, but we can’t do it without your faithful and monthly support. We are a self-supporting ministry and we solicit your daily prayers.

“It is not the plan of God to rain down means from heaven in order that His cause may be sustained. He has entrusted, or deposited, ample means with men, that there shall be no lack in any department of His work. He proves those who profess to love Him by placing means in their hands, and then tries them to see if they love the gift better than the Giver.” Testimonies Volume 2, page 659


En Español:

Secrets Unsealed es un ministerio sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3. Todos aquí tenemos una pasión para llevar el mensaje de los tres Ángeles a todo el mundo, pero no podemos hacerlo sin su apoyo fiel y mensual. Solicitamos sus oraciones diarias.

“No es el plan de Dios derramar recursos del cielo a fin de que Su causa puede ser sostenida. Él nos ha confiado, o depositado recursos amplios en los hombres, para que no haya necesidad en cualquier departamento de Su obra. Él analiza a aquellos que profesan amarlo colocando recursos en sus manos, y luego los prueba para ver si ellos aman más el regalo que el Dador.” (traducido del inglés de 2T, p. 659)


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