LIVESTREAM (defined)

1. to broadcast (an event) on the internet as it happens live

2. a live broadcast of an event on the internet

Here is an easy way to invite Pastor Stephen Bohr to your next one or two presentation event! Please consider this livestream option:

  • Pastor Stephen Bohr would present your requested topic(s) or answer your question(s) live from the Secrets Unsealed studio
  • What is needed by your team:
    • A commitment to start on time (live streaming at Secrets Unsealed will plan to begin on time)
    • A venue large enough for the expected attendees
    • A computer connected to high speed internet (testing before the event is your responsibility)
      • If you can play an HD YouTube video smoothly, that’s fast enough
    • A working projector to display the live feed (test before the event – replacement bulb suggested)
    • A projection screen(s) to display the live feed
    • An alternate speaker reserved in case of technical difficulties
  • Preliminary program (i.e. prayer, special music, offering, decision cards, etc.) are your responsibility
  • A promotional flyer is available upon request

Note: This livestream option could be used for question and answer sessions (questions would need to be sent in a minimum of two weeks ahead of time), live church or conference meetings, live youth events and more.