Unions and Ordination to the Gospel Ministry

19 Aug

Brief Summary and Comprehensive Working Policy Explanation

General Conference Secretariat – August, 2015

“Unions do not have the right to set their own criteria for ordination and are operating outside the parameters of Church structure if they do, just as if a local church decided to establish its own set of beliefs then it would no longer be a Seventh-day Adventist church.”


The Pope’s Visit to America

04 Aug


Prayers, volunteers and donations!

At a time when the whole world—protestant ministers, scientists, politicians, secular people, leaders of world religions– seems to be wondering after the papacy (Revelation 13:3), Secrets Unsealed is planning to put boots on the ground in Philadelphia. Air strikes (social media) are not enough. We need boots on the ground!!

Our plan is to mass-produce and distribute 50,000 DVD’S with four hours of new production by Pastor Stephen Bohr on Daniel 7 and the Sabbath, along with the book The Great Controversy. These DVD’S will be hand distributed by volunteers on the ground before and after Pope Francis I arrives! Pastor Bohr and personnel from Secrets Unsealed will be personally on the ground spearheading, coordinating and participating in the project.

Would you keep us in your prayers as we reach out to those who are oblivious to the dangers ahead?

If you live in the area or are willing to pay your own travel expenses to Philadelphia, and would be willing to volunteer your time to help us distribute the DVD’S and books, please contact us right away.

Please donate to this project! The more contributions we have, the more DVD’S we will be able to print and distribute.

For more information contact:

Secrets Unsealed
5949 E. Clinton Ave.
Fresno, CA 93727

Donate here.